Analysis and psychotherapy offer the opportunity to work at depth with the analyst/therapist to address difficulties causing real suffering and distress. Often those seeking analysis or psychotherapy have tried other forms of help with limited success, yet there remains a deep longing to live a more creative or fulfilling life. Analysis offers the hope of finding new and unique meaning to your distress or difficulties, by exploring the influence of unconscious processes in your life. 

What is analysis or psychotherapy?
Analysis and psychotherapy offer a confidential professional relationship to explore often troublesome or upsetting aspects that limit your life. It aims to foster a new understanding of these patterns of behaviour, whilst offering the space to work through the concerns and issues with the therapist to a new resolution, which can bring about deep-seated change. 

Who can benefit from analysis or psychotherapy?
Analysis or psychotherapy can be useful for individuals and couples. It is suitable for people aged 18 years to any age. Psychotherapy is often of value to people who wish to improve their understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. People from the helping professions often find analysis of great benefit.

Others seek more meaning or come with a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment in their lives. Others come with unhappiness, anxiety, panic, depression, loss of spiritual direction, sexual or relationship difficulties. More specific difficulties may include earthquake distress, trauma, behavioural or mood changes including sleep deprivation, disturbed relationships at home, work or college. Physical distress related to chronic illness. Eating or sleeping problems. 

Everybody is different and the reasons why you may wish to consult a therapist are varied and valid.

Duration of analysis or psychotherapy?
Counselling, psychotherapy or analysis, is determined by individual clients needs in discussion with the therapist. Individual sessions last for 50 minutes. Counselling or brief therapy is focused on specific life issues lasting from 1 to 10 sessions. Analysis and psychotherapy develop's at its own pace and its length depends on the unique aims and needs of the individual concerned, lasting months or years. The frequency of sessions can, therefore, vary from one to four times per week and is decided in discussion with the therapist.

Exploratory meeting(s)
Deciding to see a psychotherapist is an important step; it is crucial you find a therapist you can trust and with whom you can work. Therefore I encourage people to contact me for an exploratory meeting, without obligation. After an exploratory meeting, you can decide with the therapist whether therapy is the appropriate treatment. If not, other suitable recommendations will be made.


Fees are individually negotiated and available on request.